Better Animal Bedding with Kiln-Dried Shavings

  Make your animals more comfortable with bedding made from our pine shavings. PineMoore Shavings offers kiln-dried wood shavings that make great animal bedding for horses, chickens and hogs. Contact us in Mena, Arkansas, at 870-584-9149 for more information about the benefits of better animal bedding.

 Kiln-Dried Wood Shavings
  Find better animal bedding with the help of PineMoore Shavings. Our kiln dried system uses a consistent temperature to create high-quality products.

   We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide us with more temperature control than the competition, which helps us make superior products. We sell a variety of bag and bulk shavings: Show Quality lower dust medium flake, fine shavings, mixture of the flake and fines, and sawmill run shaving. Bags are available for nationwide shipping.

•50 Bags Per Pallet, up to 30 Pallets per Semi
•Capped & Wrapped for Outside Storage
•No Bi-Products Used


Computerized Drying System
  At PineMoore Shavings, we use a computerized drying system to ensure that our moisture level stays between 6–7%, while competitors usually offer 10%. This makes our pine shavings more absorbent, so they can better meet your needs.

Bulk Sales & Delivery
  Do you have a lot of animals? We offer bulk sales by the truckload to meet your needs. Our experts provide prompt delivery services, and trailer pickup is available at our 2 locations. Please contact us today for timely delivery services.

Bulk Delivery Service Areas:
Please contact us for other delivery areas.


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